Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Air Conditioning Systems

Homeowners will often make mistakes with the air conditioning systems that can have devastating effects on the performance that these systems provide them. In order to protect yourself against making these common air conditioning problems, you should be mindful of several mistakes that well-meaning homeowners often make.

Assuming That A Larger Air Conditioning Unit Is Always Better

During the process of replacing an existing air conditioner or installing one for the first time, homeowners will often be unsure of the size of the unit that they should choose for their homes. Frequently, this can result in them making the assumption that they should always choose the largest air conditioning unit that they can afford. Yet, this can actually be a rather large waste of money as modern air conditioning units are far more efficient, and this means that an average sized unit will be able to cool a fairly large home. To help make deciding on a unit easier, you should consult the labeling as it will clearly indicate the square footage that the unit can effectively cool.

Failing To Shade The Exterior Parts Of The System

Most of the work of your air conditioning unit will be done in the exterior components of the system. Unfortunately, weather conditions can have major impacts on the performance of these units. In particular, the temperature of the exterior units can have a major impact on the ability of the unit to cool the air that it circulates through your home. When these systems reach extremely hot temperatures, the unit will have to expand dramatically more energy to cool the air. Providing ample shade for the exterior unit will shield it from the sun's rays causing it to become extremely hot.

Overlooking The Benefits Of Sealing And Insulating Ductwork

For those that are concerned about the efficiency of their cooling system, they may focus much of their attention on the exterior unit. While this will be one of the main users of electricity in your home, it may not be the largest inefficiency in your air conditioning system. The ductwork that transports the cooled air throughout the home can be a major source of energy loss. This is a result of many small gaps that may be present in the ducting, and these gaps will allow the cooled air to escape between the walls or in the attic. Having the ducting sealed will stop these leaks, and you can further improve the efficiency of your system by insulating the ducting. The insulation will reduce convective heating of the cooled air, and can allow the system to cool your home's interior more rapidly.

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