What Happens When Your Washing Machine Drain Is Clogged

When your washing machine drain is clogged, you will notice a few things. Obviously, it means that your washing machine's wash water will be slow to drain or won't drain at all, depending on the severity of the clog. You may find that there is some water left in the drum after a wash, and the amount gets more drastic as the clog gets more severe. You might also find that your clothes aren't getting rinsed correctly; if water isn't able to freely leave the washing drum, the result is that it becomes inefficient at draining.

The solution may be an easy one, or it may require a professional washing machine repair person. Either way, here are some of the first things to try.

Find the Drain

Do you feel comfortable attempting a fix yourself? The first thing to do will be to locate the drain. It will be found behind or under the washing machine, guarded by the drain hose. You can detach that once you have turned off the power to your washing machine.

Clearing the Clog

To safely clear the clog, use a plumbing snake to remove debris from the washing machine drain. For clogs that are even tougher to get rid of, some home repair experts might want to use a drill to bore through the tougher material in a clog. Only do this if you feel steady enough in your drill skills that you won't hit part of the hose or the drain itself. You can also use a squirt gun to irrigate the area and clear away the debris that you unlodge from the drain.

Test it Out

You will want to check that the fix has worked by running another load of laundry and seeing if the problem persists. You are welcome to go back and try to clean further into the drain if problems are still noticeable. Sometimes, it is a good idea to call in a washer repair expert at this point; the further you have to pry into the drain, the greater the chance that you may accidentally damage another part. And who knows; your washer may be acting up in conjunction with a different malfunction for which there is no easy DIY fix. Specialists in appliance repair, such as from A OK Appliance Service, have the tools and know how to set the situation straight and ensure that your clothes come out sparkling clean every time.