3 Things You Probably Don't Know About Fire Sprinkler Systems

You have probably spotted a fire sprinkler system in certain places, and you may even be considering a system of your own for your home. These systems have been around for a lot of years and do an amazing job of extinguishing a fire before it gets so large that it would be hard to contain or causes a lot of damage. Nevertheless, a lot of people do not know a lot about these interior sprinklers that are designed to protect people and structures from fire. 

The fire sprinkler system has an unusual beginning in history. 

The historical creation of fire sprinkler systems actually involves a rather humorous story and a well-known inventor who also painted the Mona Lisa. Leonardo Da Vinci created the first sprinkler system in the 15th century and implemented it into a functioning kitchen just before a major dinner event. Unfortunately, the sprinkler system worked a bit too well you could say. When a fire did indeed break out, the sprinkler system kicked in and washed away the food for the guests and part of the kitchen itself. 

Modern fire sprinkler systems come in multiple styles and types. 

These days, a fire sprinkler system probably won't wash away your kitchen, but it will be carefully selected and installed to accommodate things like structural layout and the area climate. Wet pipe, dry pipe, preaction, and deluge fire sprinkler systems are all examples of the different modern system types. When you decide you want one of these protective systems for your structure, great care will be taken to ensure it is precisely what will be needed in the event of a fire. For instance, if you live in the far north, you will get a system that can withstand freezing cold temperatures so the water in the lines will not freeze and cause problems. 

Fire sprinkler systems are now mandated in a lot of buildings. 

If you have ever wondered why there are certain places where you always see sprinkler systems, there is a really good explanation. Hospitals, schools, and sometimes retail stores and businesses will have a sprinkler system in place simply because it is required by law that they have these systems in place. A lot of local governments include sprinkler systems as part of local building codes because they are so effective at combatting a fire that could potentially be a major threat to a lot of people. 

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