3 Reasons To Make The Switch To Propane Appliances

Modern appliances make it easy to complete daily chores around the house. You have a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to installing new appliances in your home. One option that you might not have explored in the past is propane.

Propane appliances can provide you with a number of benefits that electric or natural gas appliances cannot. Improve the value and function of your home by making the switch to propane appliances.

1. Save Money

One of the most compelling reasons you should install propane appliances in your home is cost. Propane is a very energy efficient fuel source. The superior efficiency of propane means that you could see a significant reduction in your monthly utility costs.

Propane is more efficient because it is capable of generating a lot of heat. Electric heat pumps put out heat that is only approximately the same as body heat. Propane can warm the air up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You will use less energy without sacrificing the performance of any modern appliances when you make the switch to propane.

2. Protect the Environment

If you are trying to create an environmentally friendly home, then you should consider installing propane appliances in your residence.

Propane is a very safe and eco-friendly fuel source. It's even possible that propane use can help improve environmental conditions. According to the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, TX, propane use could cut smog production by as much as 70%.

You can also rest assured that your propane appliances will not become a source of contamination for groundwater or soil in your area.

3. Reliability

A power outage can be devastating in your home. Even a few hours without power could compromise the health and safety of your family. If you have an electric furnace, a power outage in winter could drastically lower indoor temperatures. A power outage could cause foods in your fridge to spoil, or leave you without access to hot water.

Propane offers a reliable alternative to electrical energy. As long as you keep your propane tank full, you can power your appliances without issue during a power outage. This makes it easy to rely on propane appliances, regardless of environmental conditions that might negatively affect other energy sources.

Propane can do so much more than just power your outdoor grill. You can install a propane furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, or range in your home to start reaping the benefits of a clean, efficient, and reliable fuel source.

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