You May Need An Appliance Repair Professional When Your Refrigerator Door Won't Stay Shut

If you keep finding your refrigerator door open, you may be perplexed and blame yourself or your kids for not closing the door properly. However, a few different things can cause the door not to close and stay closed. You might fix these problems yourself, but if not, you can call an appliance repair professional to help you out. Here are things that can cause your refrigerator door to not close properly. 

The Refrigerator Isn't Level

The refrigerator door may not stay closed when the refrigerator isn't level. If something caused the appliance to shift, you may need to get it level again by adjusting the legs under the refrigerator. You'll need to use a level to measure the refrigerator as you adjust the legs to make sure the problem is solved.

The Door Seal Gasket Is Damaged

The rubber gasket on the inside of your door is responsible for getting a tight seal when the door is closed. This also creates suction that helps the door stay closed. You may have noticed this after you close the door and try to open it again right away. The door is held tight and is difficult to open because of the suction.

If something is wrong with the gasket, it may not make a tight seal, and then your door may not close when you think it has. One thing you can do is wash the gasket to get rid of any sticky residue that has built up. As you wash the gasket, look for damage that could be preventing the gasket from sealing. If you find problems with the gasket, call an appliance repair company to come out and put a new one in for you.

The Door Shelves Are Filled With Heavy Items

If you have too many heavy drinks and foods stored on the door shelves, the weight may be too much for the door to stay shut. This is an easy problem to fix since all you have to do is move the heavy items to the interior and use the door shelves for small, light foods and drinks.

The Door Is Damaged

If you banged up your refrigerator when moving it or for some other reason, the door may be bent too much to create a tight seal that will hold it closed. It doesn't take much damage to break the seal, but if your door won't close, it will need to be repaired or replaced. An appliance repair professional can repair the door or help you decide if the door should be replaced or if you should just buy a new refrigerator.

The Door Hinge Is Loose Or Broken

If the door is slightly out of alignment, it may not close well enough to get a good seal. The door may have shifted if it wasn't screwed in tightly. This problem can be fixed by adjusting the door and securing the hinges.

If a hinge is broken, it will need to be replaced. An appliance repair technician can take the door off if needed, replace the hinge, and then align the door so it closes properly.

Contact a local appliance repair service, such as A-Appliance Xperts Inc, to learn more.